COVID-19 Billing Accommodations

Our thoughts are with all of you during this unprecedented time. We are working remotely to continue to offer the customer service you have come to expect at Halo Insurance. We understand COVID-19 may be financially impacting our policy holders. Some of our carriers have responded during this hardship by not cancelling coverage for late or non-payments, waiving late fees, pushing back payment dates, temporarily suspending EFT. If you are under financial stress and hardship, please scroll down for a list with links to your carriers below to discuss the options they are providing.

Carrier Personal Insurance Business Insurance Link to Carrier
American Modern 800-543-2644 American Modern
Chubb 866-324-8222 800-372-4822 Chubb COVID-19
Cornerstone 888-735-5764 Cornerstone Portal
Dairyland 800-334-0090 Dairyland COVID-19
Foremost 800-532-4221 Foremost COVID-19
Hagerty 877-922-9701 Hagerty COVID-19
Hartford 800-624-5578 877-853-2582 Hartford COVID-19
J.H. Ferguson/Vacant Express 800-310-3351 Vacant Express
Liberty Mutual 866-290-2920 Liberty Mutual COVID-19
Markel 800-446-6671 Markel COVID-19
Missouri Employers Mutual 800-442-0593 MEM COVID-19
Nationwide 800-282-1446 888-508-8622 Nationwide COVID-19
Orchid 866-370-6505 Orchid Payment Options
Palomar 619-567-5290 Palomar Earthquake COVID-19
Progressive 800-876-5581 Progressive COVID-19
RLI Surety 800-331-4929 RLI COVID-19
Safeco 800-332-3226 Safeco COVID-19
State Auto 833-724-3577 State Auto
Travelers 800-842-5075 800-252-2268 Travelers COVID-19
West Bend 800-236-5002 West Bend COVID-19

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